Karen Testerman - Endorses Jerry Thibodeau for Executive Council District 1

The Executive Council makes the Granite State the most open form of government in the UnitedStates. This form of a Governor and Council is not only the first and last of its kind in the nation, but it is a unique reminder of the distrust of governmental authority by our Founding Fathers. Just as the legislature consists of citizens not professional politicians, the Executive Council is the citizen representative to the executive branch. The role of the Executive Council is to be a check on the Governor and as such they approve all appointments, nominations and significant state business interactions. Only the councilors can overturn gubernatorial action.

The office of the Executive Council was established by the Founding Fathers of New Hampshire to represent the citizens not to play politics. Recently it appears that the current Executive Councilor of District One is doing just that. Endorsing Democratic candidates over Republican candidates while calling himself a Republican, is unacceptable. And boasting of continual yearlong campaigning activities as an excuse to spend his campaign funds for day to day living expenses is unacceptable.

But there is hope for the citizens of Executive Council District One in Gerard (Jerry) Thibodeau who lives in Rumney. Jerry is a retired businessman whom I have known as a strong conservative for several years. Jerry has worked tirelessly in both leadership as chair of the Manchester City Committee and behind the scenes as a fundraiser for the Republican party. A no-nonsense guy, Jerry has the drive and initiative to serve the people as our Founding Fathers intended, not play political professionalism. It is therefore with great pleasure that I offer my endorsement of Jerry Thibodeau for the office of Executive Council District One.

It is my hope that you will join his team and usher him into the nomination on September 11 and into office on November 4. Remember this is an extremely important election and it begins here at home in our state offices.

Please protect the uniqueness of New Hampshire and vote for Jerry Thibodeau for Executive Council District One.


Karen Testerman