NH GOP - On Billion-Dollar Budget Item, Hassan's Unable to Make a Decision

Is She Indecisive or Purposefully Hiding Her Position On Medicaid Expansion From Voters?


Concord, NH -- The United States Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare and its plans to expand Medicaid and force states to pick up the tab will have an enormous impact on the Granite State's future, yet Maggie Hassan is “not committing to either side” as to whether or not N.H. should support this government expansion. (Kevin Landrigan, "Ruling Gives NH Options on Medicaid," Nashua Telegraph, 7/1/2012) 


“This seems to be another attempt to hide from voters her true positions, just like she recently took the pledge opposing an income tax to mask her real and past support for it,” New Hampshire Republican State Committee Executive Director Tory Mazzola said.  “This is worse than the obvious failure of leadership because she’s proving to voters that she can't be trusted.”


Should New Hampshire opt into this initiative, some estimate that ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion would cost New Hampshire $1 billion over the next ten years.  As reported in Sunday's Nashua Telegraph, “Medicaid is the single largest item in the two-year New Hampshire budget shared equally between state and federal taxpayers; New Hampshire's cost is about $1 billion a year.”