NH GOP - A Pattern of Deceit, UL: "Lynch, Unraveling"

Have you noticed a pattern of deceit from the Democrat Party?  We have too.  As the Union Leader’s editorial page points out this morning, it's “time for a new governor,” and like you we know it’s time for a Republican to take back the corner office.

The stories of nepotism and cover-ups coming from Lynch's administration and hand-picked leaders are a gross abuse of the public’s trust.

Every day there is more evidence that Lynch’s legacy is “unraveling,” and he’s taking his Democrat Party with him.  The heart of the Democrat Party continues to demonstrate a failure of leadership.  Hassan and Cilley’s silence during the scandals surrounding Lynch and the Democrats is deafening. Will the people of New Hampshire be able to trust them to stand up for what’s right if they won’t even confront problems within their own Party?


The Pattern of Deceit:

TELEGRAPH: “Whistleblower Claims State Employment Security Commissioner Manipulated System”

UNION LEADER: “Squeaky Clean” Lynch Faces “Most Serious Scandal of His Administration”

WMUR: “Deputy Employment Security Commissioner Suspended”

UNION LEADER: “Executive councilors frustrated at disarray of liquor commission”

TELEGRAPH: “Report: Inquiry Tainted Probe Info $100,000 of Missing Wine”

ASSOCIATED PRESS: “$100,000 Worth of Wine Missing from NH Liquor Store”