NHPeaceAction - Citizens to protest Senators Mcain, Ayotte, and Graham's message of austerity and militarism

Outside McCain/Ayotte/Graham Townhall, 130 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack at 8:30 am on Tuesday July 31

MERRIMACK NH –Members of NH Peace Action, NH Citizen’s Alliance for Action, and  NH American Friends Service Committee will protest outside the BAE plant in Merrimack tomorrow morning, when Senators McCain, Ayotte, and Graham complete a 4-city road show designed to promote continued high levels of military spending.

Protestors will point out that the US is by far the world’s largest military spender, spending more than the next 26 nations combined.  Protestors will also try to bring light to the extreme economic inefficiency of military industrial jobs.  “Senator Ayotte promised jobs, but has not created them.  Researchers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst found that education spending makes more than twice as many jobs as military spending.  Significantly fewer jobs are created through military spending than tax breaks, clean energy investment, or health care,” said Olivia Zink of NH Citizens Alliance for Action.  “Our goal should be to make a stronger America – waste, excessive relationships with lobbyists, and ineffective Pentagon programs do not strengthen America.”

 “All three Senators voted to continue the Bush era tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires.  By opposing cuts to the military, they reveal that their preference is to balance this budget entirely on the backs of the poorest and most vulnerable among us,” said Will Hopkins of NH Peace Action, an Iraq War veteran.  “In these hard times, when the wealth disparity in the US is at such a height, and there is so much suffering, the Senators heartless stance is truly abhorrent.”

Pointing out that attendance at what the Senators called a “town hall meeting,” Arnie Alpert of the American Friends Service Committee said “we need a real discussion of the country’s priorities.  Our nation’s strength depends on good education, access to health care, and care for the most vulnerable among us,.”

For more information, contact Will Hopkins, at NH Peace Action (603)228-0559 or (603)254-4727 will@nhpeaceaction.org.