Just Like Hassan and Cilley, Norelli Wants To Force N.H. Toward An Income Tax

Concord, NH- New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald released the following statement today in response to House Minority Leader Terie Norelli's press conference. 

“Minority Leader Terie Norelli’s phony rhetoric shows that she’s forgotten about the mess her party created in Concord – tax hikes, spending increases and massive government growth that hurt job creation.  In November, voters won’t forget about Norelli’s reckless policies because today, as a result of our Republican legislature, New Hampshire’s economy is improving and the GOP is cleaning up the mess Democrats left behind.  Voters have seen that responsible leadership focused on fiscal discipline, honest budgeting and job creation is what’s best for New Hampshire. 

“What Maggie Hassan, Jackie Cilley and Norelli won’t tell you is that they want to spend more of your tax dollars not only to grow the size of government, but also as a way to force New Hampshire into an income tax.  Republicans won’t stand for it, and that’s why we are well positioned to take back the governor’s office and maintain our majorities in the legislature.”