Townhall Daily - July 04 - Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, Brent Bozell and More

Thomas Sowell Thomas Sowell:
Judicial Betrayal
Michelle Malkin Michelle Malkin:
Obama's Swiss Cheese Campaign
John Stossel John Stossel:
The Education Blob
Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams:
The Underclass
Brent Bozell Brent Bozell:
The Mob Presses on John Roberts
Jonah Goldberg Jonah Goldberg:
Live Free -- And Uninsured
John Ransom John Ransom:
Washington's First Fourth
Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby:
No danger in a nuclear Iran? Seriously?
John Hawkins John Hawkins:
The 40 Best Quotes from Ronald Reagan
Salena Zito Salena Zito:
Gen. George Washington; the Original One Percenter?
Michael Medved Michael Medved:
Blown Media Calls Send Warning on November
Ben Shapiro Ben Shapiro:
The Worst Ruling Since Dred Scott
Austin Bay Austin Bay:
Mexico: A New PRI or the Old PRI in Disguise?
Gina Loudon Gina Loudon:
Labor Unions Suffer Defeat on Taxpayer Revolt
Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg:
The American idea
Donald Lambro Donald Lambro:
The Price of Obeying Obama
Rachel Marsden Rachel Marsden:
The Rise of the Spy-Next-Door
Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell:
The Joy of Government-Run Healthcare: The UK’s Gilded Bureaucrats and Dying Patients
Matt Barber Matt Barber:
The Awakened Giant Likes Tea
Political  Calculations Political Calculations:
High Gas Prices to Blame for New Jobless Claims?
Jacob Sullum Jacob Sullum:
Roberts' Rules of Meddling
Nathan Slaughter Nathan Slaughter:
How to Buy 4 Ounces of Gold for $1,000
Frank Gaffney Frank Gaffney:
Who 'Lost' Egypt? Staff Staff:
Marco Rubio’s Must-Read Autobiography
George Friedman George Friedman:
Negotiations Behind U.S. Sanctions Against Iran
David Sterman David Sterman:
Here's Why Shares of Ford Could Double in 2 Years
Chris Poindexter Chris Poindexter:
Gold Up On Fed Concerns
Armstrong Williams Armstrong Williams:
The Founders’ Vision is Still Alive this Independence Day if We Let it Happen
Robert Knight Robert Knight:
Court Taxes Our Patients with Awful Ruling
Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock:
Nigel Farage: Here It Comes Your 19th Euro Breakdown
Frank Turek Frank Turek:
John Roberts: The Umpire who Homered for the Wrong Team
Randall DeSoto Randall DeSoto:
America’s Ability to Overcome Abuse
Night Watch Night Watch:
Economic War Intensifies on Iran
Charlotte Hays Charlotte Hays:
Americans Shouldn't Give Up on Lives As Usual