Andy Martin sues to undo "corrupt" sale of The Balsams

New Hampshire corruption fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin files suit to undo sale of New Hampshire’s historic hotel The Balsams

Andy says the New Hampshire Attorney General unlawfully and fraudulently approved a sale of “The Balsams” to real estate speculators and hucksters that are systematically destroying the hotel and never had any plans to reopen the facility

Andy calls the Neal Tillotson Trust/Tillotson Corporation a “Peyton Place” of New Hampshire corruption

Andy has become New Hampshire’s only public interest lawyer by default

(CONCORD, NH) (July 5, 2012) New Hampshire corruption fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin, who by default has become New Hampshire’s only public interest lawyer, announced today (Thursday) that he has filed suit to undo the sale of New Hampshire’s historic grand hotel The Balsams. Andy charges the “sale” of the Balsams was tainted by corruption and insider dealing.

The suit was filed in Merrimack County Superior Court, has been served on the defendants and process has been returned to the Clerk’s office. Among other relief the suit seeks to undo the sale of the overall property to Daniel Hebert and Dan Dagesse, Jr.

“The more I looked into the sale of The Balsams the more it smelled,” Andy says. "The media were asleep and no one in New Hampshire is organized to fight local corruption. Hebert and Dagesse never had any intention of reopening The Balsams. A priceless North Country resource is being raped and destroyed by these real estate hucksters/speculators.

“The recent ‘auction’ of The Balsams contents was an effort to ensure the hotel never reopens as a family-oriented facility.

“Governor Lynch and Attorney General Delaney eliminated 300 North Country jobs. They are two of the biggest job-destroyers in recent New Hampshire history.

A copy of the lawsuit is attached to emailed copies of this news release.

“I have consistently accused the New Hampshire Attorney General of fraud and incompetence in his regulation of the Tillotson Trust and eventually I am going to ask the Court to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate this mess.


“We know as a fact that Attorney General Delaney conducted his ‘review’ proceedings in secret, received no input from the public, and allowed a priceless North Country resource to be sold in the dark of night  to a couple of hucksters and speculators. That is not the way public trust assets are supposed to be handled. The whole transaction smelled from start to finish.

“Are we to understand this is how public trusts are ‘regulated’ in New Hampshire? The rape of Neal Tillotson’s trust is a public disgrace.”

Andy will have more to say abut The Balsams and other political issues at a Concord news conference Monday July 9th.