RNC - What They Are Saying in NH About June's Jobs Report

As the jobs report today is dominating the headlines, here are some quotes and headlines to consider for your reporting:

“Today’s dismal jobs numbers are further proof the President’s grow-government policies are totally ineffective for working families, small businesses, and the American economy. If voters want jobs they have a clear choice: Mitt Romney,” Jeb Bradley, State Senate Majority Leader

“The jobs report from today illustrates that President Obama has utterly failed to turn this economy around. Businesses are hesitant to hire as the president continues to call for more government borrowing and adds regulations across every sector of our economy. While focusing on a flawed healthcare law for a year and a half, he failed to focus on getting Americans back to work. Governor Romney is the change that we need to get this country moving back in the right direction,” John Stephen, Former Health and Human Services Commissioner

“As Obama begins his ‘Betting on America’ tour, this jobs report is proof that he has been gambling away our economic future. America is betting on Mitt Romney to remove the obstacles of government to repair the damage done by this president,” Chris Sununu, Businessman and District 3 Executive Council Member