CEI Weekly: Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 6, 2012



Feature: Wednesday marked the 236 anniversary of the adaoption of the Declaration of Independence.

FEATURE: Happy Independence Day!


As we celebrated July 4th this week, CEI took a look back at last month's celebration of liberty at the annual dinner. For those who missed it, we've released video of the key speeches at the event, below: 


CEI President Fred Smith's speech

Fred Young's introduction of Congressman Paul Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan's speech





38 Studios and the Gift Clause

Trey Kovacs and Jessica Miller's op-ed in The Providence Journal


After the Recall, Big Trouble for Big Labor

Matt Patterson's op-ed in The Washington Examiner


Freeing Europe From the Euro

Sacha Tamm's CEI Web Memo


Three Quick Thoughts on the Healthcare Ruling

Ryan Young's op-ed in The Daily Caller


Lamenting the Lost Legacy of Independence Day

Bill Frezza's column in Forbes


The Road to Fiscal Hell

Marc Scriber's citation in The Wall Street Journal


This Declaration of Internet Freedom is Vague

Ryan Radia's citation in The Atlantic


Another Energy-Department Program Goes Under

Brian McGraw's citation on OneNewsNow


Video of CEI Hill Briefing on Federal Transportation Policy

Featuring Marc Scribner


Video of CEI Hill Briefing on Chemical Policy

Featuring Angela Logomasini









July 5, 2012: Relic of Prohibition


Prohibition ended 79 years ago, but in Washington, D.C., it is still illegal to buy liquor on Sundays. Fellow in Consumer Policy Studies Michelle Minton thinks these blue laws need to be modernized.