Josiah Bartlett Center - Gov't Reorganization, Voter ID and Highways

New Hampshire’s state government contains a design flaw intended to make the governing bureaucracy somewhat independent of the elected chief executive and ensure that the state’s CEO has only limited authority over his department heads. As we prepare to transition to a new chief executive next year, there are steps government can and should take to make the new governor more accountable and effective. Click here to keep reading....

AG Holder could block Voter ID
DOJ must preclear any voting law changes in NH

U.S Attorney General Eric Holder could be the last hurdle between New Hampshire and its new Voter ID law. Granite State lawmakers may have overcome the objection of Governor John Lynch to the state’s new Voter ID law, but they may still have to get Holder’s permission. Click here keep reading.

Voter ID and 'Fast and Furious'

Grant Bosse and Jack Heath discuss New Hampshire’s new Voter ID law, how Eric Holder could put a hurdle in its way, and Holder’s controversial performance as Attorney General. Click Here to Listen.

Federal Highway Bill Passes

What it means for NH Drivers

Last week, one day before the current authorization would have expired, the House and Senate passed the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act”, a long term Highway Bill. Click here to keep reading.