Bass For Congress - Kuster's Hyper-Partisan Hypocrisy on Medicare

Attacks Bipartisan Plan While Allowing Medicare To Go Bankrupt

Concord, NH – As partisan Democrat and Congressional candidate Ann Kuster spoke to press today about the 47th Anniversary of Medicare, the Bass for Congress campaign issued the following statement, noting the hypocrisy of Kuster’s support for cutting $575 billion from Medicare, and then letting it go bankrupt.

 “Ann Kuster has demonstrated again that she supports hyper-partisan politics over finding real solutions to the issues that face our country with her attacks against a bipartisan plan that will help ensure that Medicare is available for today's seniors and future generations,” said Bass spokesperson Scott Tranchemontagne. 

The Medicare Trustees have stated in their annual report that Medicare will go bankrupt by 2024 as a   result of the retiring ‘Baby Boom’ population unless changes are made to preserve and protect the Medicare program.  (add hyperlink to report)

"Ann Kuster continues to repeat political talking points given to her by Democrat party insiders that care more about winning elections than solving our nation's problems, especially when talking about such important programs like Medicare.  The fact remains that unless changes are made to preserve and protect Medicare, the program will go bankrupt because of retiring baby boomers," said Bass spokesman Scott Tranchemontagne.  "It is pure hypocrisy for Ann Kuster to attack a bipartisan plan that would protect Medicare for future generations without offering any solutions of her own.  Kuster's plan for Medicare is to let it go bankrupt.  Seniors should not be subject to her hyper-partisan scare tactics that even independent watchdog groups have referred to as a "lie". 

“The voters deserve to hear from Ann Kuster a specific solution on how to prevent Medicare from going bankrupt for seniors, so they can compare it with the bipartisan plan supported by Charlie Bass.  Also, seniors have a right to know if Ann Kuster will continue to support the President's health care law, and its $575 billion in cuts to Medicare, its dismantling of the popular Medicare Advantage program, and its creation of an unelected board of bureaucrats that will come between the patient and their doctor." continued Tranchemontagne.

"Charlie Bass has continuously proven that he is willing to work with anyone, regardless of their political party on finding real solutions and ideas on how to strengthen and protect Medicare for today's seniors and future generations.  Charlie Bass will never allow Medicare to go bankrupt nor will he ever change the benefit's that today's seniors have earned," added Tranchemontagne. 

Bass has supported a bipartisan plan that would give individuals age 55 or under the choice of joining the traditional Medicare program or using their Medicare dollars to purchase a guaranteed plan of their choice that best meets their medical needs.  In addition, Bass was 1 of 4 Republicans and 4 Democrats to offer the bipartisan budget alternative based on the findings of the Simpson-Bowles Commission that would ensure medical doctors will not see their reimbursements for treating Medicare patients drastically slashed which will force them stop accepting Medicare patients.