Candidate Lives At One Of Nation’s Most Elite Schools, Wants to Prevent Access For Less Fortunate

CONCORD, N.H.—Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Maggie Hassan continued her track record of mean-spirited hypocrisy by pledging to repeal a scholarship program that allows less fortunate children to attend private school all while living on the campus of one of the nation’s most prestigious prep schools, according to 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway.

NEA-NH-endorsed Maggie Hassan lives on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy, which was ranked by Forbes as the sixth best prep school in the country. Her husband, principal of the prestigious private school, rakes in a salary of $250,000 a year. 

Yet, Hassan, when talking with a group of supporters about ways to bring in more money so she can increase government spending, suggested: “you can repeal this school voucher system that [Republicans] just passed, which is going to divert money to private schools.” (Please view this video starting at 4:07: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQcXIbjGi-g.)

Hassan was referring to SB 372, which offers a tax credit to companies that put money into a scholarship program that will help poor and middle class students attend a private school.

“Maggie Hassan is perfectly comfortable launching her political career from the grounds of one of the nation’s best schools where her family lives and receives a substantial financial benefit, yet she is very quick to deny poor and middle class children the chance to attend a private school with children of her same financial capacity,” Hemingway said. “Do New Hampshire residents really want a governor who gives lip service to middle class families and those even less fortunate all while denying these same people the educational opportunities that her children have always had?

“I think it’s about time that someone shines a light on Maggie Hassan’s hypocrisy,” Hemingway added. “Maggie Hassan lives by a double standard under which people of her ‘stature’ deserve the best money has to offer, but children of middle- and low-income families have to be subjected to NEA-run schools that aim to provide an ‘adequate education’ at the very best. Don’t middle class and lower class children deserve the same ‘excellent education’ that Maggie Hassan’s two children received?”


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