''DUMP ROMNEY''&#-99; urges GOP Delegates: Abstain on First Ballot

Tampa, FL (MMD Newswire) August 9, 2012 -- Delegates to the month-end Republican National Convention here began receiving a political strategy memo this week entitled, "DUMP ROMNEY: Why Tampa's Republican Delegates must Dump Romney to Defeat Obama."

Nine pages plus backup and heading to over 20,000 GOP delegates or elected officials, the memo argues that given the weak U.S. economy, Romney ought to be ahead by now, and yet according to RealClearPolitics.com he's losing to President Obama by a projected 332-206 votes (on a required 270) in the Electoral College. "DUMP ROMNEY" contends that no delegates are actually "bound" by law or GOP rules to vote for Romney and that, to win the White House and toss-up Senate seats, delegates must exercise their right to "conscientiously abstain" from Romney on the crucial first ballot, aiming for a stronger ticket leader in subsequent convention voting rounds.

The core of a hard-hitting new 80,000 word book and incubating Tampa insurgency, the entire memo can be read online free via Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader using the Amazon.com search term "DUMP ROMNEY." "Were frontrunners simply entitled to the nomination, a convention wouldn't be necessary," the texts say, noting that Intrade predictive markets gives Obama odds of about 60-40 over Romney and that New York Times political analyst Nate Silver projects about 300 electoral votes for Obama, rating Romney's current odds around 21%.

But, the worst is ahead: If Romney leads the GOP ticket, "DUMP ROMNEY" says, voters in the all-important swing states will likely reject him as they learn the content of Mormon dogma, Romney's personal history as a religious leader of that sect, and what those things portend on explosive issues of race, religion and sexuality.

Citing a June Gallup poll that indicates 18% of Americans won't vote for a Mormon, the book says, "No mere adherent, Romney presided as the LDS equivalent of Boston's Cardinal Law. In 2008, Obama had his Jeremiah Wright problem; in 2012, Mormon Bishop Romney is Jeremiah Wright." Excerpts:

- "Few Tampa delegates have had any disclosure on the racially-toxic [Book of Mormon] texts to which Willard M. Romney is tied - and which he has yet to repudiate; same with the anti-Semitic writings." These "will seem so hateful ... that we'll all look like bigots and fools if we make him our 2012 nominee."

- "Can there be any real doubt that the fascinating metaphysics of Mitt's Mormonism - which belligerently declares all other faiths to be "ABOMINATIONS"- will soon find wide distribution in Bible Belt areas of FL, VA, IA and MO?"

- "Who seriously harbors any doubt that Romney's exotic beliefs - e.g., that the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, that Jesus is Satan's brother, that God the Father [had physical sex with] the Virgin Mary,that each of us can become gods - will get spun this fall as those of a religious whack-o?"

- Offering a YouTube link, the enhanced Kindle e-book version asks, "Can any of us (including our own LDS loved ones and friends) watch this animated yet accurate summary of Romney's sci-fi polytheism without cringing?"

- Romney is"America's Founding Father of Gay Marriage, the reason Obama could safely come out" for same-sex marriage along with, it is expected, the Democratic National Platform at the DNC convention in Raleigh, NC, just before Tampa.

"DUMP ROMNEY" claims that Romney - for years supporting gays in the military, gay adoption and gay youth pride proclamations - brought about the USA's first same-sex weddings as governor of Massachusetts in 2004. That act, it contends, was likely with an eye to a U.S. Supreme Court dissent by Justice Scalia shortly beforehand, which argued that if laws impeding homosexuality should fall, so too must those against bigamy and polygamy.

"Historic Mormon doctrines and practices of systemic adultery, 'spiritual wifery,' polygamous 'plural marriage,' ... polyandry (shared women) and 'buggery' (homosexuality) have magnified both celestial sex and terrestrial confusion" - while helping to explain Romney's "hostility to hetero-monogamy," the book says.

The authors claim that "In his embrace of an enduring Mormon subculture of child brides, pedophilia and homoeroticism - plus a childlike faith in the left's demonstrably anti-scientific premise that some people are born gay (like being born black-skinned, blue-eyed or female) - Romney has even ripped the Boy Scouts for their prudent good sense on homo/bisex Scoutmasters." The book says, "Who seriously imagines that Romney's creeper roots - naked temple rites and all - won't soon be subject to blistering heat?"

"DUMP ROMNEY," which went up today at Amazon.com and DumpRomney.org, is going as a pre-Tampa gift, in paperback form or as a hyperlinked e-read, to over 20,000 GOP delegates and elected officials, organizers say. Researched and drafted by the group Jews and Christians Together, edited by Sara and David Bethel, the underlying GOP convention memo aims "to provide thoughtful, responsible and dutiful Republican delegates with a pathway out of their and our nation's very serious problem, that the Republican Party is on the brink of nominating a sure loser," said Steve Baldwin, a substantial contributor.

Baldwin, a former Republican Whip of the California State Assembly, previously served as Executive Director of the Council for National Policy (CNP), a powerhouse conservative organization in Washington. Additional researchers, contributors or cited authors include: Rabbi Yehuda Levin, spokesman, Jews for Torah Morality; Dr. Gary Cass, president, DefendChristians.org and a Presbyterian minister; John Haskins, Senior Fellow at the Inter-American Institute; and Amy Contrada, author, Mitt Romney's Deception: His Stealth Promotion of "Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage" in Massachusetts

"DUMP ROMNEY," both the Tampa convention memo and the book, asserts that the "USA is indeed a 'Chik-fil-a Nation' - a country committed to traditional marriage and sexuality - partly because we're loaded with 'Chik-fil-a Swing States.'" Asked about that traditionalist food chain recently, Romney responded, "Those are not things that are part of my campaign." Of Romney's behavior on gay issues, Haskins said, "Tens of millions of voters regard Mitt Romney as a serial liar; he's a doomed candidate."


[NOTE: For interviews with one or more of the contributors, researchers or GOP activists behind the book "DUMP ROMinee: Why Tampa's Republican Delegates must Dump Romney to Defeat Obama," please contact Rod Mitchell at (281) 350-5506 or by email: mediarod@aol.com. Separately, ex-Mormon Tricia Erickson, author of the book Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? is available to explain why she cannot support a Mormon for the Presidency].