Shea-Porter For Congress - NH Press Accuses Guinta of Trickery

New Hampshire-   Congressman Frank Guinta’s attempts to trick voters into thinking he is not in Congress and therefore not responsible for the mess he has created have failed.  Just yesterday, the well-respected Concord Monitor discussed his behavior in an editorial captioned, “No need for deception, Congressman.” Another newspaper, The Wire, wrote in an editorial entitled, “Frank Guinta’s Breathtaking Hypocrisy,”  “He must think his constituents are suckers.  The mailing, the Super PACs, the robo-calls—it’s hard to believe these are anything other than deliberate acts of deception aimed at the very people who elected Guinta to serve them.”  

Naomi Andrews, Campaign Manager for Carol Shea-Porter, released the following statement. “Congressman Frank Guinta’s unethical behavior has embarrassed New Hampshire citizens and drawn the attention of the state and national press. Carol Shea-Porter will restore integrity and the New Hampshire work ethic to the NH-01 seat.”