Lamontagne Statement Gov. Romney's Selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Vice-Presidential Running Mate

Ovide Lamontagne, Republican candidate for Governor, released the following statement on Gov. Romney's selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as his vice-presidential running mate:

"The economic challenges that face our state and our nation require a combination of experience, tested leadership and a positive, pro-growth vision for the future.  Rep. Ryan exhibited those qualities in Congress as the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and together with Governor Romney he will bring them to the White House as our next vice-president.  

"The election in November is about our economy and the future of our country and our state.  We need experienced, conservative leadership to move us in a new direction towards a new era of prosperity, beyond the failed policies of the Obama Administration and liberals in Concord.  I am excited to see Rep. Ryan join Governor Romney as a part of America's Comeback Team, and with the support of voters in September, I look forward to running alongside them in New Hampshire this fall."