NHDP - The Ryan-O'Brien Agenda

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This weekend, Mitt Romney announced Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his Republican running mate.  Paul Ryan crafted the Republican budget plan in Congress which would severely slash programs for those who need it the most - Pell Grants, Medicare, Medicaid.  Paul Ryan's radical agenda is right in line with the Tea Party agenda of Speaker Bill O'Brien. Together Romney-Ryan and O'Brien-Lamontagne would dismantle the programs that mean the most to middle-class families - all to make sure that Mitt Romney's tax drops to LESS than ONE percent.


New Hampshire cannot afford the Ryan-O'Brien plan.  Can you contribute $100, $50, or $25 today to stop their reckless attacks on the middle class? 


Paul Ryan's budget doesn't reduce the deficit quickly.  But it does cut Pell Grants for students, turn Medicare into a voucher program, drastically cut Medicaid, and raise taxes on middle-class families by an average of $2,000.  Why cut so deep?  To pay for more tax cuts for millionaires.  While your taxes will likely go up, under the Ryan plan, Mitt Romney would pay almost no taxes at all.  


It's the same type of misguided priorities that we've seen from Bill O'Brien's Tea Party legislature.  They cut funding for public education in half, even as they lowered taxes on tobacco companies.  They attempted to end public kindergarten, and voted to repeal New Hampshire's compulsory education law.  Paul Ryan's budget cuts Pell Grants for 10 million students making it harder for young people across our country to attend college and ends Head Start for nearly 200,000 students. 


The Ryan budget ends Medicare as we know it by creating a voucher system increasing the health care costs for seniors by more than $6,000 per year.  In New Hampshire, Bill O'Brien and his cronies in Concord voted to have the state legislature - which cut health care funding for hospitals, children, seniors and people with disabilities - take over and run Medicare, which would let them raise the retirement age and charge seniors more.


During his many years in Congress, Paul Ryan has repeatedly voted against a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions and has even voted to ban common forms of contraception.  As Bill O'Brien's legislature has shown us over the past two years, it is critical we have leaders who support the rights of women. 


Will you stand up against the Ryan-O'Brien agenda with a contribution today of $100, 50 or $25?


On Election Day, the choice could not be clearer and it is critical New Hampshire stands up against the Ryan-O'Brien agenda and their attacks on the middle class, public education, seniors, and women's health. 


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