Ovide for Governor Releases Energy Independence and Ratepayer Relief Strategy

Outlines strategy for lower electric rates, reduction of government mandates and return of free-market solutions
Manchester, NH – Continuing the campaign’s focus on the issues that matter most to New Hampshire families and businesses, the Ovide for Governor campaign today released his “Energy Independence and Ratepayer Relief Strategy.”   
Ovide’s energy strategy calls for a reduction in energy production costs though private sector innovation, lower consumer rates though competition and fewer regulatory burdens, and the return of free market principles and private investment to our energy market.
“As I travel throughout New Hampshire, I hear from individuals and businesses alike that our energy costs are too high - they are right,” said Lamontagne.  “Residential rates for electricity and natural gas are more than a third higher than the national average.  High energy prices inhibit job growth and negatively impact the quality of life for our families struggling to make ends meet.  
A Business and Industry Association opinion leader survey recently listed energy costs as a top-three concern for the state’s businesses.  This concern is compounded for the state’s manufacturing sector – which accounts for more than 10% of the state’s workforce.
“As Governor, I’ll work on finding ways to bring down New Hampshire’s energy costs to provide relief for our families and businesses.  To do so, I’ll promote competition, look for ways to enhance supplies of economical electricity and gas for New Hampshire and get our state out of costly “cap and tax” energy schemes like RGGI.” 
This is the second policy release from Ovide’s Prosperity Agenda.  The first, Ovide’s ESE plan for business tax reform, was released in June and is available at www.Ovide2012.com

Note: The full Energy Independence and Ratepayer Relief policy paper is attached in PDF form.