Ovide Lamontagne Endorsed by the New Hampshire Union Leader

Calling him, "the right man at the right time to be New Hampshire's next governor," the New Hampshire Union Leader this morning endorsed Ovide Lamontagne for Governor in a front page editorial authored by the paper's publisher Joeseph W. McQuaid.  Below is the full text of the endorsement:

Ovide Lamontagne, right man for NH


New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher

Ovide Lamontagne is the right man at the right time to be New Hampshire's next governor. He is also in the right place in his personal and professional life, which is of no small consideration for the job at hand.

Indeed, Lamontagne is one of those successful, hard-working private-sector individuals whom we wish had more time to volunteer for public service.

It is one thing to talk a good game about what needs to be done to lead New Hampshire at this critical time. The damage from years of Democratic, over-spending and cronyism are just now being felt. Difficult choices loom and big government interference from Washington continues.

Anyone can talk. Lamontagne has walked. He has listened, learned, and labored in the private sector and in the unpaid, tireless service of his state and community. From chairing the state board of education to serving Saint Mary's Bank (the nation's first credit union), Catholic Charities, and Easter Seals and heading the commerce division of his law firm, Lamontagne has built a proud New Hampshire record.

It is that experience that makes people who know him so confident in Lamontagne's abilities to snap the state from the lethargy of the Lynch years and to renew the greatness for which New Hampshire is known.

It is just four weeks until the primary, with the general election soon thereafter. It is time to be thinking of New Hampshire's future. It is time for Ovide Lamontagne.