Bass For Congress - The Democratic National Committee and George Soros Deliver Marching Orders to Kuster

Kuster's Marching Orders
Dear Friend,
On Wednesday night, Democrat National Committee Chair Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz personally delivered the Democrat party's marching orders to Ann Kuster at a fundraiser in Sunapee. And yesterday, we learned that a Democrat Super PAC funded by Jonathon Soros, son of liberal billionaire George Soros, will be airing attack ads against our campaign, spending $137,000 next week on television.
Let's show Ann Kuster and her partisan Washington insiders that New Hampshire voters expect and deserve more than attack ads from outside interest groups by helping me fight back. Let's match their $137,000 with 137 new donors by Sunday evening. Please contribute $25, $50, $100 or more today to send a message that it is the voters that matter, not Soros' money.
From government run healthcare to raising taxes on small businesses, it is clear that Kuster is ready to fall in lock step with the most liberal and partisan members of her party. While we have made great strides over the last year and a half, there is still much to be done to get our nation's debt under control and to strengthen our stalled economy. Your contribution of any amount will greatly assist the campaign in spreading our message of solving this nation's problems with real solutions and not just political talking points. Please contribute any amount today.
It is obvious that Ann Kuster thinks she can win this election by relying on outside special interest groups. I believe I will win it the old-fashioned way - I will earn it.
As always, thank you for your friendship and support and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.