Political Headlines - August 14, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 

  • Paul Ryan's budget plan is built on a series of rosy assumptions: Ryan's plan to cut taxes, slash spending, and revamp Medicare represents a doubling-down on Republican supply-side theories and an unprecedented reduction in spending.  Political correspondent Callum Borchers and political reporters Michael Kranish and Bobby Caina Calvan cover.


  • Ryan sought stimulus funds while decrying programPaul Ryan, tapped as Mitt Romney's running mate on Saturday and known as a budget hawk, wrote letters in 2009 asking for stimulus funds to benefit his home state.  Political reporters Bryan Bender and Brian MacQuarrie explain.


  •, the hipsters, and the Ryan Plan: A cultural discussion about children, and the degree to which they should be allowed to infringe upon the rights and space of childless people, is a spotlight on the entitlement cuts proposed by Paul Ryan. Globe columnist Joanna Weiss reports.


  • Brown praises Ryan, but keeps distance: While Republicans hailed Paul Ryan being Mitt ­Romney's running mate, US Senator Scott Brown struck a more cautious note Monday, pointing out that he voted twice to block Ryan's budget in the Senate. Political reporter Michael Levenson covers.