Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Points Finger, Leaving Three Fingers Pointing Back At Herself

CONCORD, N.H.—Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Maggie Hassan continued her hypocritical campaign messaging yesterday by dishonestly accusing her rivals of wanting to dismantle Medicare, the health insurance program for the elderly that she and other Democrats are fully responsible for dismantling by helping to pass Obamacare into law, according to 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway.

By promoting Obamacare, both before and after it passed, Hassan and her Democratic allies are supporting an automatic $500 billion cut to Medicare as well as an unaccountable board, known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board, which has been empowered to look for and make even more cuts to the program without the consent of Congress. These cuts to Medicare will undoubtedly lead to fewer benefits and fewer beneficiaries. And unfortunately, these cuts will impact low-to-moderate income seniors the most, Hemingway said.

“When Maggie Hassan says, ‘I will stand up to anyone who tries to restrict access to health care for New Hampshire seniors,’ she should look in a mirror and stand up to the person standing right in front of her,” Hemingway said. “With the messaging coming out of Hassan’s campaign, it’s almost as if her staff is inviting recipients to ignore the target of the messaging and instead apply Hassan’s criticism to Hassan herself.”

On top of the across the board cuts, Obamacare also makes it harder for seniors to take the money they receive in Medicare payments and put it toward a private health insurance plan of their choosing. These so-called Medicare Advantage plans allow seniors to take advantage of free market competition for health insurance and get the best bang for their buck. The $150 billion in cuts to Medicare Advantage in the Hassan-supported Obamacare bill will essentially strip the advantage out of Medicare and leave all seniors with government-run health insurance scheme more like Medicaid.

“It’s really astounding to me how Maggie Hassan can campaign with a straight face; she must think voters are clueless,” Hemingway said. “With all seriousness I can say that absolutely every criticism Maggie Hassan directs toward Republicans should really be directed at herself. I have never seen a more dishonest, hypocritical campaign than Maggie Hassan’s campaign for governor.”

Contrary to Hassan’s accusations, both Republican candidates for governor are advocating for health insurance reforms that would improve access to quality health insurance for seniors. Not only do Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontagne want to resist the implementation of Obamacare in New Hampshire, which would stop the cuts to Medicare that Hassan and her Democratic friends have supported, both Republican candidates have supported a plan to run Medicare at the state level. Rather than depend on the federal government’s mismanagement of the system and wasteful use of taxpayer dollars, the Republican candidates believe New Hampshire should keep the money it sends to Washington and run a more efficient Medicare program that continues to operate within the free market system. In effect, this Republican system would actually devote more money toward health care for seniors. 

“Clearly, Republicans Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontagne are standing up for New Hampshire’s seniors and thinking outside the box to make sure they receive the benefits that were promised to them,” Hemingway said. “It’s unfortunate that Hassan thinks she can pay lip service to seniors while working to take away the benefits they paid for their whole lives. What is fortunate, however, is that New Hampshire’s seniors know better than Maggie Hassan thinks they do, and I expect they will fully reject her hypocrisy this November.”


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