Hampton, NH—The newly formed Granite Freedom PAC today launched its website in support of Kevin Smith for Governor.  The site will serve as a venue to highlight the differences between Smith and his opponents running for Governor in New Hampshire.

“We are very excited to launch the website today and provide another means for voters in New Hampshire to learn about Kevin Smith and the clear differences between him and his opponents on both sides of the aisle,” said PAC Treasurer, Alicia Preston.  “Kevin has a solid conservative record and the right qualifications to lead this state back to prosperity and the experience to get the job done right. Kevin earned his experience through his time in the New Hampshire House, working for a Governor, a US Senator, a state agency and as a conservative activist.  We look forward to doing what we can to get Kevin Smith elected.”

In addition to information about the candidates and the race, which will be updated as the organization grows, the website has a donation mechanism making it easy for people to go on line and do everything they can to get a conservative in the Corner Office.

“This primary is about nominating the person who can actually beat either Maggie Hassan or Jackie Cilley in November. Kevin has won a race and has proven he can govern and knows how both a campaign and government work.  Running for office is not in itself a qualification.  We need to nominate someone who has the best shot of beating the democratic nominee and quite simply, Kevin has the best shot.”

In addition to the website, Granite Freedom PAC is proud to announce that New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be attending a fundraiser for the PAC while he is visiting New Hampshire today.  The event will take place at the home of Renee and Dan Plummer in Portsmouth this evening, Wednesday, August 15th.