CEI Today: Safe Chemicals Act, union bank intrigue, and Amtrak fantasies


Time To Extinguish Flame Retardant Hype


Flame retardants are making headlines these days thanks to an “exposé” — more properly characterized as an unsubstantiated smear campaign — published as a series of articles in the Chicago Tribune this past spring. The effort has helped Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) build the case for his anti-chemical legislation, which he calls the “Safe Chemicals Act.” Supposedly, he and his journalist allies at the Chicago Tribune know better than anyone else — including scientists and engineers that produce these products — about what makes a chemical safe or dangerous. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

>Interview Angela Logomasini


Daily Caller:
Left banks with SEIU


Some prominent Democratic and progressive groups — including the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Governors Association, and America Votes — are shifting accounts, or at least parts of them, from Bank of America to the union-owned Amalgamated Bank. Politically charged business moves are nothing new. However, news accounts of Amalgamated Bank’s surge in politically conscious deposits have made no mention of its recent history, which includes a bitter struggle over control. As in every power struggle, there were some big winners and some very big losers. > Read the full commentary on Dailycaller.com

>Interview Ivan Osorio



Openmarket.org: What The New York Times’ Ron Nixon Doesn’t Understand About Northeast Corridor Travel

In Wednesday’s New York Times, reporter Ron Nixon has a remarkably misleading article on travel in the Northeast corridor (NEC). Three major distortions stick out:

  1. Nixon regurgitates the Amtrak propaganda that claims 75 percent of travelers take the train between New York and Washington, with 54 percent of travelers between Boston and New York taking the train;
  2. Nixon uncritically repeats the myth that Amtrak suffers from far fewer delays than airline service; and
  3. Nixon fails to bat an eye at Amtrak’s ridiculous 2040 ridership projections.

> Read the full commentary at Openmarket.org


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