HotAir Daily Express 08/15/2012

House Dems: It’s totally unfair to have a debate question on the deficit commission Obama created and then ignored
8/15/2012 10:01:07 AM  Ed Morrissey
Man, I love the smell of panic in the morning … at least when it comes from the other side: Some Democratic lawmakers want to make sure that one question does not get asked at the upcoming first presidential debate – about

Thompson wins WI primary for open Senate seat
8/15/2012 9:21:08 AM  Ed Morrissey
Political comeback?  That’s what Wisconsin media are calling Tommy Thompson’s win in yesterday’s primary, which turned out to be rather easy after a tough campaign: Former Gov. Tommy Thompson took a major step in his political comeback

Video: Romney tells CBS that Obama’s running to “hang onto power”
8/15/2012 8:41:26 AM  Ed Morrissey
Mitt Romney continued to hammer Barack Obama for the tone of his campaign, calling it based on “jealousy and anger” in an interview today with CBS News. “I think he’ll do anything in his power,” Romney said, “to get

Obamateurism of the Day
8/15/2012 8:01:55 AM  Ed Morrissey
Via Jim Hoft: As Jim points out, Paul Ryan and House Republicans passed the farm bill two weeks ago.  The Democrat-controlled Senate hasn’t acted on their own version so the two bills can go into conference committee.  Maybe Obama should call

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Quotes of the day
8/14/2012 10:41:20 PM  Allahpundit
During the 2008 election, conservatives tried their darnedest to convince the American public that Barack Obama was radical. They pointed to his work as a Saul Alinsky-inspired community organizer; his background in Chicago politics; his associations

Romney rips Obama over Biden’s “chains” remark: These smears are disgracing the office of the presidency
8/14/2012 10:01:43 PM  Allahpundit
Strong words on a day when the already infamous Obama Super PAC steelworker smear ad finally aired in Ohio. Time to start chipping away at that “likability gap.” Mitt Romney used a tough new campaign speech to personally blast the Obama

Chris Matthews on Ryan: Hey, this guy could be worse than Dan Quayle
8/14/2012 9:21:37 PM  Allahpundit
Via Newsbusters, concern-trolling so lazy that it doesn’t make sense even on its own terms. His point, per this morning’s Politico piece on “the Republican Party’s Bedwetter Caucus,” is that Ryan could be poison for the GOP.

Energy on the campaign trail: Romney talks coal, Obama chases wind
8/14/2012 8:41:08 PM  Erika Johnsen
President Obama has been making a concentrated swing through Iowa the past couple of days, and one of his biggest talking points while touring the undecided state has been about extending wind energy tax credits. “My opponent and I disagree when it comes

Oh my: New Romney ad hits Obama on … Medicare
8/14/2012 8:01:33 PM  Allahpundit
A lesson learned the hard way after weeks and weeks of anti-Bain attacks: If you’re not playing offense, you’re playing defense. And Mitt can’t afford to play defense on an issue as toxic as Medicare. As Rick Wilson put it, “The

Important new campaign endorsement: “DJs for Obama”
8/14/2012 7:21:16 PM  Erika Johnsen
I’m really hoping that the almost 17 percent unemployment rate among those aged 18 through 29 is going to do something to quell the blind and unbridled enthusiasm we witnessed from the youth vote last time around, maybe to help bolster their

Notably unhorrified women, young people, and senior citizens cheer Ryan in Colorado
8/14/2012 6:41:16 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
LAKEWOOD, Colo.— A capacity crowd of over 2,000 packed a high-school gym here Tuesday for vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan’s first appearance in the swing state, the room dotted with toddler-toting moms and senior citizens. Introduced by

Romney campaign: $7.4 million raised online since Ryan was named VP
8/14/2012 6:01:10 PM  Allahpundit
Enthusiasm, to the tune of $100,000+ per hour: In 72 hours, @mittromney & @paulryanvp raised $7.4 million online with over 101,000 donations — Andrea Saul (@andreamsaul) August 14, 2012 It’s a testament to the phenomenal excitement that

Great news: Treasury ups estimate of taxpayer loss on auto bailout to $25 billion
8/14/2012 5:21:35 PM  Ed Morrissey
Barack Obama has turned up the heat on Mitt Romney recently on the auto bailout.  According to the strategy Obama rolled out last week, Democrats plan to highlight Romney’s opposition to the bailout and the politically-engineered bankruptcies that

Obama campaign spokesman: We have no objection to Biden’s “chains” comment
8/14/2012 4:41:26 PM  Allahpundit
A glorious return to the spotlight for Stephanie Cutter, who canceled her weekend appearances on national news shows after she got caught lying about Team O’s last big smear. The defense here, as always when someone in Obamaland says something

California launches website to straighten out climate-change “deniers”
8/14/2012 4:01:13 PM  Erika Johnsen
Oh, California. The Golden State consistently receives some of the nation’s lowest marks on their business climate, unemployment rate, tax burden, utility costs, regulatory environment, and etcetera, not to mention some of the highest rates of

Video: Noted dog-eater now making jokes about Romney putting his dog on the car roof
8/14/2012 3:21:53 PM  Allahpundit
Via the Examiner. In fairness to O, I expect no less than half a dozen dog-eating jokes at the GOP convention. Christie alone should be good for two or three. “Pro tip, Mr. President, from a guy who’s tried a lot of food in his time: Try to

Video: “I wish you wouldn’t”
8/14/2012 2:41:04 PM  Ed Morrissey
Today is Minnesota’s primary, which has less cachet for Republicans than usual.  Kurt Bills won the official party endorsement for the US Senate race in May during the state GOP convention, which often doesn’t mean anything in Minnesota for

Flashback to 2005: Where’s the Medicare reform instead of Social Security reform, asks Senate backbencher
8/14/2012 2:01:43 PM  Ed Morrissey
As Barack Obama and his allies unleash their full Mediscaring fury, perhaps it’s helpful to recall this moment in 2005.  George W. Bush proclaimed a mandate to fix Social Security after the 2004 election, which had Democrats insisting even then

“We can win North Carolina again!” says Biden… in Virginia
8/14/2012 1:21:04 PM  Erika Johnsen
Who hasn’t had some sort of rockstar-esque, “Thank you, Cincinnat– er, Denver!” slip-of-the-tongue moment of public-speaking horror, and Vice President Joe Biden was stumping in North Carolina yesterday. And, North Carolina and

Video: Soledad O’Brien’s membership in Mantra Club confirmed
8/14/2012 12:41:20 PM  Ed Morrissey
Did you like the Newt Gingrich/Piers Morgan bout earlier today?  That was just the undercard.  John Sununu appeared on CNN’s Starting Point this morning with Soledad O’Brien and fought the main bout in the center(-left) ring.  Where Morgan

Rasmussen: Ohio likely voters favorable toward Ryan, 51/39
8/14/2012 12:01:36 PM  Ed Morrissey
The immediate conventional wisdom from the media in the wake of Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as running mate was that Ryan might make Wisconsin more competitive, but would cost Romney in Ohio and Florida.  Rasmussen polled likely voters in

Chris Matthews: Paul Ryan “is Ayn Rand” and wants to “screw” the poor
8/14/2012 11:21:00 AM  Erika Johnsen
Behold, the self-deceiving power of unswerving progressivism on an ideological tear. Joe Scarborough’s face, at least, seems to suggest that he’s thinking somewhere along the lines of “Is this crackpot for real?,” but Matthews

Were Illinois state workers forced to attend a Pelosi rally for Jesse Jackson Jr in Chicago?
8/14/2012 10:41:57 AM  Ed Morrissey
So says one state worker, who has come forward and signed an affadavit to that effect.  Marcy Bailey worked for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission in December of last year, and was instructed by her supervisors to attend a rally sponsored by Rev.