NH Sen. Jeb Bradley - Join Me at Scamman Farm in Support of Ovide

Dear Friends:

With less than four weeks until the September 11 primary, now is the time to get involved in support of our Republican candidates for office.

I have known Ovide for a long time and I have endorsed him for Governor because he is a principled, honest, family man with years of business and charitable experience. I know he will be able to bring us together to move New Hampshire forward.

This Sunday, I look forward to joining Ovide and hundreds of other supporters like you at the Scamman Farm in Stratham for a Family Fun Day and Rally in support of Ovide for Governor.

This will be a great chance to hear from other New Hampshire leaders why they have gotten behind Ovide's candidacy. You will also have the chance to meet other supporters in your area and be able to speak with campaign staff about what you can do in the weeks ahead to help Ovide to victory on September 11.

New Hampshire needs an experienced leader to improve our economy, reform government and lead us into a new era of prosperity. Ovide is that leader and I am looking forward to joining him at Scamman Farm this Sunday. I hope to see you there as well!


P.S. to join me in support of Ovide at the Scamman Farm this Sunday, simply click here!