NHRFE - GOP PAC: Ovide's Contortions Damage the Republican Party

Manchester, NH Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne appeared today on NHPR's The Exchange where he discussed repealing the state's marriage laws that give equal protections to same-sex couples.


Lamontagne again pledged to support repeal, this time stating it was "not a priority."  This contradicts his promise at a rally several months ago "to aggressively work to make [repeal] happe n."


New Hampshire Republicans for Freedom and Equality PAC Chairman Sean Owen commented, "As a fellow Republican, I disagree with Ovide and believe the freedom to marry should be left alone. The GOP is at its best when it's fighting for individual freedom and smaller government, and that's why I've been so proud of the House Republicans who this year fought against discrimination."

Owen continued, "Ovide's approach to marriage appears to be evolving. He started out in this campaign sounding like a crusader, but now it seems he just wants to change the subject. Either it's a genuine change of heart, which is what I hope is the case, or he's saying different things to different audiences just to get elected. Either way, Ovide has to be more transparent on this issue. Independent voters will decide the election this fall. All the polling has shown that these all-important swing voters support the current marriage law by overwhelming 3 to 1 margins. If Republicans continue to alienate these voters by obsessing over repeal, it will come back to haunt us on Election Day."