StandingUpForNHFamiles - Why Won't Ovide Come Clean?

Pro-Family Group Calls on Lamontagne to be Honest about His Unpopular Views

In an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio this morning, Ovide Lamontagne told the audience that repeal of New Hampshire’s marriage law “is not a priority” for him, though he repeats his pledge to sign a repeal bill. (News link:

These latest watered-down comments completely fly in the face of his record on the issue not too long ago. As recently as this spring, he was passionate about his anti-gay positions, pledging in a speech on the State House steps that, “If Gov. Lynch prevents a return to traditional marriage, you can count on me to aggressively work to make this happen once I’m governor.” (News link:

SUFNHF Republican Co-Chair Craig Stowell responded, “I’m not sure who Ovide thinks he’s fooling. He tries to sugar coat his out of step positions when he speaks to mainstream audiences, but we know where he really stands. His recent comments suggesting that single parents, divorced parents or gay parents are inferior and hurt their children’s chances to succeed in life reveal his true motives.”  (News link:

“I’m sure he's seen the polls. He clearly knows his position does not represent the values of the Granite State, and that’s why he tries to hide it. That won’t work in New Hampshire. He needs to be honest with the voters about where he stands,” added Stowell.