Townhall Daily - August 16 - Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Victor Davis Hanson, Larry Elder and More

Ann Coulter gets Mugged!

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Ann Coulter Ann Coulter:
Why Liberals Behave the Way They Do
Hugh Hewitt Hugh Hewitt:
Memo for: Team Romney - Subject: The Candidates and Talk Radio
Jackie Gingrich Cushman Jackie Gingrich Cushman:
The Final Quarter
Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson:
There is no California
Larry Elder Larry Elder:
Recruit George McGovern to Speak -- at the REPUBLICAN Convention!
John Ransom John Ransom:
And Please Deliver us from Congress, Too, Oh Lord

Urgent: A Dangerous Discovery is About to Be Released to the Public
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Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby:
After the Olympics: Where's the Humility?
Judge Andrew Napolitano Judge Andrew Napolitano:
November's Choices
Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas:
The legacy of Helen Gurley Brown
Fred Wszolek Fred Wszolek:
The Right To Unionize Exists, In Spite Of Big Labor
Debra J. Saunders Debra J. Saunders:
Obama-Biden: Hope and Chains
Reince  Priebus Reince Priebus:
The Obama Medicare Plan: Rob It and Let it Die
Shawn Mitchell Shawn Mitchell:
Obama's Verbal Kindergarten
Matt Towery Matt Towery:
A Strategy for Romney That Could Actually Win the Presidency
Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg:
In The Middle of The Night
Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell:
Correcting a Massive Typo by USA Today
Steve Chapman Steve Chapman:
Ryan and the Real Enemy of Medicare
Steve Chapman Steve Chapman:
Ryan and the Real Enemy of Medicare
Nathan Slaughter Nathan Slaughter:
This Company Is Making A Fortune Off Dirt-Cheap Natural Gas
Emmett Tyrrell Emmett Tyrrell:
Harry Reid's Cow and Joe Biden's Parrot
Steven Aden Steven Aden:
Nellie Gray Is Gone, But Her Work Continues
Rich Tucker Rich Tucker:
Hungry for Fuel
Kyle Olson Kyle Olson:
Tax Raisers Slam Voters For ‘Lack of Investment’ in $355 MILLION Florida School District
Carrie Schwab Pomerantz Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
What's the Best Way to Save for Retirement When Your Employer Doesn't Offer a Plan?
George Friedman George Friedman:
The Israeli Crisis
Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock:
California Sales Tax Collection Drops 40 Percent
Matt Mackowiak Matt Mackowiak:
Paul Ryan: A VP With a Mandate
Ralph Benko Ralph Benko:
Out Of Touch President Obama Fiddles While Tombstone Burns
Chris Poindexter Chris Poindexter:
Gold Down On Dollar Surge
Night Watch Night Watch:
Russians Fly Strategic Bombing Runs and Sub Penetration Against U.S.
Marybeth Hicks Marybeth Hicks:
Newswoman’s Analysis Betrays Bias … or is it Ignorance?