USDOJ Grants Preclearance for New Hampshire Redistricting Plans

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien today released a statement in response to the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) granting the state preclearance on redistricting plans submitted for the Executive Council districts and  congressional districts. Ten New Hampshire communities are subject to the U.S. voting rights act meaning that any changes to state election laws that impact these towns must be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice or the U.S. District Court of Washington D.C.

Speaker of the House William O’Brien

“I want to congratulate the House Special Committee on Redistricting for their hard work in crafting a plan that met the goals of the U.S. Census and also created well thought out, reasonable districts, as the U.S. Department of Justice has validated to us today. This was an onerous task and I commend Chairman Paul Mirski and Subcommittee Chairman Bob Rowe along with the members of their committees for the enormous amount of time and effort they devoted.”