N.H. Voters Deserve A Detailed Plan of Action, Not Maggie’s Empty Rhetoric 

MANCHESTER, N.H.—New Hampshire voters won’t be swayed by the empty promises in Democratic gubernatorial candidate Maggie Hassan’s new TV ad, “Difference,” which hypocritically explains that making a difference takes more than words but then fails to lay out a plan for making a difference and doesn’t even provide any details about what difference the candidate wants to make, said 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway.

The ad begins, “To make a difference takes more than words,” but then fails to identify any area where Hassan plans to make a difference. Also absent from the ad is any sense of how much Maggie’s new government programs will cost, and how she intends to pay that cost. (Here’s the ad, for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPp7Sqz9eK8.)

“We agree that it takes more than words to make a difference, and we would like to hear exactly how Maggie Hassan plans to fund her reckless spending agenda,” Hemingway said. “Maggie’s words alone are not going to make the funding appear. She will have to take action to raise the funds necessary to increase spending. Maggie should explain exactly what taxes and fees she plans to impose on the citizens and business owners of New Hampshire to pay for her radical spending agenda and how she thinks the economy will improve as she increases the financial burdens of big government.

“Maggie is being dishonest with the voters,” Hemingway added. “Instead of telling people that she is going to raise their taxes so that she can continue the Democratic spending spree that was interrupted by two years of Republican common sense, she just provides empty words and rhetoric, hoping the people won’t ask any questions.”

Republican gubernatorial candidates Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontagne have provided detailed plans on how they intend to reduce the size of government and reduce the taxes and fees that have crippled the New Hampshire economy. These candidates aren’t hiding behind empty words and rhetoric, they are spelling out in black and white exactly what they plan to do in office from day one.

“We think Maggie should watch her own ad, take a look at her opponents to see how candidates with real ideas express them, and use some introspection,” Hemingway said. “To be governor, it’s going to take more than words. It’s going to take action. If Maggie Hassan isn’t ready to detail her plan of action, perhaps she just isn’t ready to be governor? If she can’t explain what taxes or fees she plans to raise, she clearly lacks the leadership skills needed to make a difference as chief executive of our state.

“To be clear, we are asking Maggie Hassan to run a campaign based on facts; not made-up numbers,” Hemingway added. “If Maggie can’t provide a detailed plan similar to the plans outlined by Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontagne, I think it’s about time she drop out of the race or find a campaign staff that knows how to run a campaign based on the issues important to New Hampshire voters.”


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