Concord, NH- Democrats have been committed to taxes and spending increases, while Republicans remain focused on what the voters overwhelmingly want to see more of, jobs and economic growth. They elected Republicans who had the priorities of cutting spending, reducing taxes, and returning the state to fiscal sanity after the Democrats drowned the state in a 24 percent increase in spending. 

The fact is, Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley aren't touching jobs and the economy because like Barack Obama, they don't have a record to stand on. While in the Senate, Maggie and Jackie added over 100 new taxes and fees onto the backs of New Hampshire tax payers and business owners. The Democrat candidates for governor still don't get it. 

"The Democrats are ignoring the economy and job creation," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "If you look at the Hassan- Cilley record in the Senate, all you see are higher taxes, out of control spending, and massive regulation growth. It's clear that they are not fighting for job creation and that they are not right for New Hampshire."