RNC - Ayotte, Bradley to tour NH Small Business

Sen. Kelly Ayotte and State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley Discuss President Obama’s Failure to Strengthen the Middle-Class in New Hampshire


Hudson, NH – TODAY, Senator Kelly Ayotte and State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley will tour Gilchrist Metal Fabricating, owned by Jack Gilchrist who was featured in the Mitt Romney “These Hands” video. Following the tour, there will be a press conference to discuss how Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan will strengthen the middle class, spur job creation, and provide solutions to strengthen Medicare for future generations. The Obama record of increasing taxes and cutting Medicare to pay for Obamacare has resulted in increased burdens on middle-class families in the Granite State. Americans are ready for a comeback.

Friday, August 17, 2012:


Event:                                   Press Event at Gilchrist Metal Fabricating


Location:                             Gilchrist Metal Fabricating

                                                18 Park Avenue

Hudson, NH  03051


Program Time:                  11:30 AM EDT


Who:                                     Senator Kelly Ayotte

State Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley