ALG's Daily Grind - Why isn't the Fed doing QE3?

Aug. 17, 2012

Why isn't the Fed doing QE3?

On Aug. 15 CNBC's Maria Bartiromo asked Dallas Fed head Richard Fisher if more quantitative easing would look political, he tipped his hand and said, "I worry about that."

Cartoon: Media Narratives for Dummies

William Warren's latest style guide for reporters to cover the vice-presidential race.

New York State's money-road to nowhere

We have the spectacle in Upstate New York of taxpayer-subsidized industrial wind installations driving people from their homes — while further endangering the populations of eagles, hawks, herons, whooping cranes, bats, and all magnificent flying creatures.

ALG in the News: Obamacare gets legal dissection by ALG

ALG staff attorney and editor-in-chief John Vinci appeared at the Susquehanna Valley Conservatives' forum to discuss the impact Obamacare regulations and the Roberts ruling on the U.S.