FK Blogger Convicted of "Wiretapping" - Garnering International Headlines

Jury Hands Down Conviction in Manchester Superior Court.  Free Keene Blogger and founder of, Ademo Freeman aka Adam Mueller, has been convicted of three felony counts of "wiretapping", despite the way in which he wiretapped not actually qualifiying as a felony.  By NH statute, felony wiretapping is only possible when one is not a party to the conversation, otherwise the law provides that the charge can only be a misdemeanor.  Clearly, no one, prosecutor or judge or jury, actually read the law.

Ademo is going to jail for 90 days and will have years in prison hanging over his head as a "suspended" sentence for five years.

The story is garnering international headlines, including Huffington Post and RT which are linked to here on the blog:

The Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press also has a good piece they wrote here:

WMUR filed this video report showing the audience applauding Ademo:

Here's the raw video from the trial: