Free Keene News - Activist Commits Wiretapping In Response to Ademo's Conviction

William Kostric of Manchester Promises Prosecutor He Will Wiretap, Follows Through.  After the conviction of FK blogger and founder Ademo Freeman on three felony counts of “wiretapping”, Manchester liberty activist William Kostric approached prosecutor Michael Valentine and told him that he was going to go home and wiretap the police and send Valentine the evidence.

Kostric has followed through on his promise, and here’s the proof. The video below includes his original promise to Valentine and the actual call to the police where he in no way indicates to them that he is recording.

Will Valentine prosecute? Kostric has done the same thing as Ademo and has even rubbed Valentine’s nose in it. If Kostric is prosecuted, it will allow him to take on the same ridiculous charge with a different approach and new jury. If he’s not prosecuted, it will be further proof of the arbitrary nature of the “justice” system.