HotAir Daily Express 08/17/2012

CBS, AP: Dem chair of House Oversight covered up ties to Countrywide for himself, colleagues, and staff
8/17/2012 10:01:46 AM  Ed Morrissey
When Darrell Issa took over the chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee after the Republican landslide in the 2010 midterms, most people assumed that his rhetoric about restoring the proper role of oversight was nothing but a

Too good to check: Hillary turned down VP slot … two weeks ago
8/17/2012 9:21:05 AM  Ed Morrissey
Did Hillary Clinton turn down the opportunity to replace Joe Biden as soon as two weeks ago in a White House lunch with Valerie Jarrett?  Ed Klein, author of “The Amateur,” says his sources in the Hillary camp say it’s true in an

So how did that Ryan pick work out?
8/17/2012 8:41:22 AM  Jazz Shaw
Today marks one full week since presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney named Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate in the battle of 2012. Trying to figure out precisely what effect this is having on the race seems to be an increasingly

Obamateurism of the Day
8/17/2012 8:01:30 AM  Ed Morrissey
Seriously — how hard is it for a Democratic President to antagonize the media into open war?  Almost as difficult to fumble Medicare to the point where it becomes an effective Republican attack in a presidential election … but that’s an

Quotes of the day
8/16/2012 10:41:27 PM  Allahpundit
Taking command of the French 9th army in 1914 as it retreated before the Germans, Marshal Ferdinand Foch uttered his immortals words: “Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I attack.”… In the

Did Douglas Wilder attend a Romney fundraiser tonight?
8/16/2012 10:01:30 PM  Allahpundit
Is the country’s first black governor, a long-time Democrat, now officially part of America’s comeback team? We already knew he was irritated with Biden, but man, I guess we didn’t really know. From today’s interview with Fox

In which Democrats lament the existence of election fraud
8/16/2012 9:22:31 PM  Erika Johnsen
Seeing as how highly prominent Democrats have made it their particular business to persecute proponents of voter ID laws as malicious, racist, and downright stupid — most notably, of course, the Obama Justice Department — they seem strangely

Video: Reality-show star perfectly demonstrates decline of civilization in two minutes
8/16/2012 8:47:32 PM  Allahpundit
To cleanse the palate, a metaphor for cultural decadence so spectacularly apt that I can’t quite believe it’s unintentional. The “craft” she’s engaged in here is bad enough, but to have the star of “The Hills,”

Video: Touré pretty sure that Romney calling Obama “angry” is racial
8/16/2012 8:12:31 PM  Allahpundit
Via Mediaite, does anyone care? If you’re a liberal watching Touré, chances are it’s for one reason: Because he likes to pronounce on what’s racist and what isn’t, and usually “what’s racist” lines up nicely with

Report: Carbon emissions are at a twenty-year low, due to…
8/16/2012 7:37:27 PM  Erika Johnsen
Oh, the glorious irony! While environmentalists everywhere have long insisted that we need major government interference in order to combat the greedy capitalism ostensibly fueling the effects of man-made climate change, and that hydraulic fracturing is

Oh my: Romney busts out the white board on Medicare
8/16/2012 6:56:19 PM  Allahpundit
Via Ace, who rightly points to Karl’s post here yesterday as anticipating how the GOP will run this Medicare offensive. Normally I think visual aids on the trail risk turning voters off because they’re too self-consciously didactic, but not

CNN moves Wisconsin from “leans Obama” to “toss up”
8/16/2012 6:16:36 PM  Allahpundit
Rasmussen has it 48/47 for Romney among likely voters, CNN has it 49/45 for Obama among registered voters. Samples of registered voters do tend to skew more blue than actual turnout on election day, so those numbers jibe nicely. The state really is a

Dire warning from climate experts: Global food security is at risk
8/16/2012 5:36:34 PM  Erika Johnsen
Blergh. I’m not sure I care to count how many times we’ve heard about the perilous position of global food supplies from various sorts of gloom-and-doomers since the dawn of the green movement. There were the Malthusian pessimists who wrongly

Report: Secret Service thanked baker after he refused to host Biden over O’s “you didn’t build that” remark
8/16/2012 4:56:41 PM  Allahpundit
Joel Gehrke of the Examiner calls it a “startling” bit of news. I agree; the same passage jumped out at me when we headlines the WDBJ story this morning. But does it really say what we all think it says? Quote: Why in the world would a new

WH press: Hey, is Romney’s dog part of the important policy debate you’re fostering?
8/16/2012 4:16:31 PM  Mary Katharine Ham
Ed mentioned this in an update, but the video is worth a watch. Jake Tapper asks if Obama’s three references to Seamus are part of the “important policy debate” the White House is trying to have, which is allegedly being foiled by

Virginia back in the black for the third year running
8/16/2012 3:36:24 PM  Erika Johnsen
Ah, Virginia — drink it in, it always goes down smooth. I’m never one to miss out on an opportunity to tout the virtues of my home state, especially while somewhat less-than-humble, wildly profligate states like California are busily telling

Rasmussen: Romney edging Obama in Wisconsin 48/47
8/16/2012 2:56:46 PM  Ed Morrissey
Three weeks ago, Barack Obama had a narrow three-point lead in Wisconsin over Mitt Romney, 49/46.  In a poll taken yesterday of likely voters, Rasmussen notes that the race has shifted subtly.  Now Romney has the edge in a virtual tie over Obama,

Gallup: Obama disapproval in the 60s on the economy, budget deficit
8/16/2012 2:21:54 PM  Ed Morrissey
A little over two weeks ago, Gallup found that the most important issues on the minds of voters are the economy, jobs, and the federal budget deficit.  Today’s Gallup poll shows Obama more than twenty points underwater on all three issues, and

Why you should boycott the greedy ****s at Comedy Central
8/16/2012 1:46:15 PM  Jazz Shaw
If you’re one of the people who tune in to Comedy Central on a regular basis, you’ve noticed something going on for a long time now which should rightly have you annoyed. You may think this is yet another screed against their regular

Is Paul Ryan Gen-Xers’ only hope?
8/16/2012 1:11:54 PM  Ed Morrissey
So says Kirsten Powers in the Daily Beast.  Forget Republicans and Democrats, the center-left commentator writes — this election is about Baby Boomers vs everyone else in America.  Mitt Romney has chosen the first major-ticket representative of

Is GM already on track to go bankrupt, again?
8/16/2012 12:36:49 PM  Erika Johnsen
And I quote: “When the American auto industry was on the brink of collapse, more than one million jobs at stake, Gov. Romney said, ‘let’s let Detroit go bankrupt.’ I said, I believe in American workers, I believe in this American

ABC’s Jake Tapper: Obama “disses White House press corps” with People, ET interviews
8/16/2012 12:01:52 PM  Ed Morrissey
I wrote about this earlier, when Joe Scarborough and his panel made fun of Barack Obama’s lack of intestinal fortitude with the White House press corps.  ABC’s Jake Tapper and Mary Bruce aren’t laughing.  In a detailed account of

Great news: Prominent Dem and Obama bundler probably won’t be prosecuted for $1B+ disappearance of customer funds
8/16/2012 11:21:01 AM  Ed Morrissey
One of the relatively few criticisms of the Obama administration from the Left has been the curious lack of prosecutions over the 2008 financial collapse on Wall Street.  If, as Barack Obama maintains, the collapse came from the greed and unrestrained

Gaffe-tastic week for Biden fuels speculation of Hillary swap
8/16/2012 10:41:28 AM  Ed Morrissey
He’s in North Carolina when he’s in Virginia.  He thinks Paul Ryan is governor of … one of the states numbered 51 through 57.  He’s not even clear in which century he’s living.  He’s Joe Biden, and he’s one