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New Hampshire is not a modern state nor is it run like a modern state. Each day in the news there is some other reminder that we run ourselves like some odd backwater anachronism and pretend it is a virtue not just silliness.

The Liquor Commission is in the news for having misplaced hundreds of cases of wine which weren’t supposed to exist but did and then didn’t. The real oddity is not the case of the mystery wine but the commission itself and why it even exists... Click here to keep reading


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Ryan's New Hampshire Connection

In this podcast of the Josiah Bartlett Report, Grant Bosse shares with Jack Heath his experience working with Paul Ryan on Social Security reform on Capital Hill. Click here to keep reading.

July sees NH Foreclosure Filings Fall by 25%

Lowest Rate of 2012

With a total of only 596 properties either being put on the auction block or repossessed by the bank,  this puts total filings under 600 for the first time since December.  Click here to keep reading.