Rudy Giuliani compares Kevin Smith to Chris Christie and Marco Rubio

On Thursday, August 15, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for Governor, made several stops throughout southern New Hampshire to campaign with former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. The tour took them from Salem to the Seacoast with several stops along the way. Mayor Giuliani was in New Hampshire promoting Smith’s candidacy in the Republican primary for Governor and to highlight Smith’s economic plan – “New Hampshire’s Future Is Now.”

During a stop in Hampton, Mayor Giuliani discussed his support for Kevin Smith – one of only four candidates running in Republican primaries in the country that Giuliani has chosen to support – and his track record for backing successful, conservative candidates. Giuliani compared Smith to two conservatives, once thought long shots in their own races, only to become highly respected and widely sought-after Republican officials.

"I was the first Republican to support Chris Christie, and I was the first Republican to support Marco Rubio — pretty good choices, right?" said Giuliani, who said he "hear[s] everyone complaining" about the "extra fees" New Hampshire businesses have to pay. "I think Kevin will be like Chris Christie, like Marco Rubio. A real star." (Giuliani: Obama Doesn't 'Understand' Economy, But Kevin Smith Does, Hampton-North Hampton Patch, August 16, 2012

 Giuliani went on to say:

"Kevin has the right ideas," said Giuliani. "This is something New Hampshire needs... It's time for a reform to get New Hampshire back to [the] way it used to be, which was a place people came to because it was not taxed as much and it was not burdened as much as New York or Massachusetts or places like that. If you do that, I think the economy could just boom in a short period of time." (Giuliani: Obama Doesn't 'Understand' Economy, But Kevin Smith Does, Hampton-North Hampton Patch, August 16, 2012

Kevin Smith and Mayor Giuliani also campaigned in Salem, NH at an event at the Tuscan Kitchen and a stop to the Chamber of Commerce. Giuliani touted Smith’s plan and commitment for making New Hampshire more economically competitive.

Giuliani offered his support for Smith at a luncheon in Tuscan Kitchen in Salem attended by local politicians, businessmen, and police and fire representatives. “We need a President who understands business. You need a governor who understands business,” Giuliani said. “If we can do that, we have a tremendous recovery ahead.” The Granite State needs a governor with a vision of how to grow jobs, Giuliani said, which can only be done by creating an environment where businesses can be profitable. New Hampshire once had a reputation as a state where taxes were low and government stayed out of your hair, Giuliani said, but years of Democratic leadership have ruined that.


He said New Hampshire will return to its pro-business, low tax roots under Smith’s leadership. “It requires political will,” Giuliani said. “It requires somebody at the top who wants to get it done.” Giuliani offered examples of New Jersey and Ohio, which he said improved their economies by lowering taxes and limiting regulations. “This has to be done here in New Hampshire if you want to maintain your competitive edge,” Giuliani said. (Giuliani, in Salem, endorses Smith for governor, New Hampshire Union Leader, August 15, 2012,

The New Hampshire Union Leader also reported about the need to make the state more economically competitive in order to keep and attract new business and jobs:

Business owner Chad Taylor is a friend of Smith’s. Smith asked him to consider New Hampshire as the site for his company’s new data center, Taylor said. The center would create 60 to 70 jobs, he said. The state’s corporate tax rate has caused some hesitation, he said. “If New Hampshire is going to remain competitive it has to have a corporate tax rate that’s competitive, he said. (Giuliani, in Salem, endorses Smith for governor, New Hampshire Union Leader, August 15, 2012,

Kevin Smith offered his own remarks at the Salem campaign stop regarding his plan and ability to make the necessary reforms and get New Hampshire’s economy moving in the right direction:

Smith said he’s ready to lead the recovery in New Hampshire. “I feel I’m uniquely qualified because I bring the best solution to the table for our state,” Smith said. It’s vital for the state’s next governor to have a long-term financial plan, Smith said. The state government is responsible for creating a climate and atmosphere for small business to prosper, he said. First on his agenda is lowering corporate tax rates and health insurance costs, Smith said. “Those two things are killing business right now,” he said. A business-friendly atmosphere would allow the state to aggressively recruit businesses from neighboring states and reduce the need for New Hampshire residents to commute to other job markets, Smith said. (Giuliani, in Salem, endorses Smith for governor, New Hampshire Union Leader, August 15, 2012,

Giuliani affirmed his support and the need for New Hampshire to elect Kevin Smith governor during a visit to a local manufacturing company:

Giuliani, whom Smith supported when he ran for president in 2008, said it is vitally important to select the right person to lead the state because it was much easier to build a business here 15 years ago. "Government can either make business easier or it can make business harder," he said, citing the 8.3 percent national unemployment rate to show that government is not doing enough to help businesses succeed today. "I think Kevin can do that for you," he said, adding, "Since I'm here, I'll also say that (presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt) Romney can do that for you." (Giuliani lauds Kevin Smith as GOP pols tour Foss facility, Portsmouth Herald, August 16, 2012,