StandingUpForNHFamiles - Could It Be Any Clearer? NH Voters Say Again, “Leave It Alone!”

Fresh polling confirms rock-solid opposition to repeal; 6% swing in favor of NH's marriage law

Concord, NH - The latest polling from the WMUR Granite State Poll conducted by UNH Survey Center (link: is out, and it shows once again that New Hampshire voters do not want to repeal the popular freedom to marry law.

Opposition to repeal stands at 61%, including 51% who strongly oppose. Supporters of repeal fall below 30%, coming in at only 28% with 23% strongly supporting repeal.  The poll also reveals a six-point swing in favor of New Hampshire's marriage law over the last survey conducted six months ago. Opposition to repeal gained two points while support for repeal lost four points.

SUFNHF Co-Chairman Lew Feldstein observed, “These numbers are great, and they confirm what we know: New Hampshire supports freedom and we don’t want to take rights away from people. I encourage every candidate for state office to look at these numbers very seriously and consider if their own efforts reflect the popular will.”

Earlier this year, a repeal bill failed in the House of Representatives by a vote of 211 to 116, with a majority of Republicans and Democrats voting to protect the rights of same-sex couples.

Key Findings from the Poll:

  • Overall - 61% oppose repeal; 28% support - - - among those who hold their position strongly, 51% oppose repeal; 23% support
  • Independents – 56% oppose repeal; 25% support
  • Moderates – 70% oppose repeal; 20% support
  • 18-34 year-olds – 86% oppose repeal; 12% support