ALG's Daily Grind: Politically damaging regulations held until after election

August 1, 2012

Politically damaging regulations held until after election

A particularly harmful regulation specific to Florida, which happens to be an important state in this upcoming election, would require water in the state's drainage canals to match the same EPA standards as its rivers and streams.

Obama says his plan has worked, the numbers tell a different story

Barack Obama has a lot of explaining to do. The economy is still a nightmare and he says his plan has worked. We believe his plan has not worked.

Federal judge in Colorado issues first injunction against HHS Mandate; Expect more to come

A controversial Obamacare regulation has been temporarily shelved by a federal district court in Colorado in a blow to one of Obama's primary regulatory pushes through his Health and Human Services Department. 

In praise of the non-voter

Contrary to conventional wisdom, it is not the apathy of non-voters that precipitates a nation's downfall; it is a dearth of uninspiring leadership and herd-like thinking.