Smith for Governor - ICYMI: Republicans Once Again Elect A New And Energetic Conservative Candidate

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There is a growing GOP trend across the country rejecting tired, old ideas and instead nominating fresh, solutions-based conservative leaders

On Tuesday, July 31, Republicans in Texas nominated Ted Cruz as their candidate for the United States Senate. This continues a trend nationwide where the party is turning away from stale politics and tired ideas, and instead nominating young, aggressive, conservative candidates with the solutions to change the way government works. Former New Hampshire GOP Chairman, Wayne Semprini, discussed this trend recently and promoted Kevin Smith as the candidate Republicans in New Hampshire should support. In an op-ed titled “Kevin Smith is the fresh, new leader NH Republicans need” he noted the recent victories by writing:

This new generation of leaders consists mostly of outside-the-box thinkers whose core beliefs are most consistent with that of mainstream Americans. They’re usually not part of the party establishment, yet they continue to impress longtime fiscal conservatives with their message, passion and commitment to the ideals that this nation was founded upon.

Semprini noted this group includes such candidates as Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Richard Mourdock in Indiana, Deb Fischer in Nebraska, and now you can add Ted Cruz from Texas as well. There is a sea change in the way the Republican Party is viewing its future – and perennial candidates and career politicians are being tossed aside, typically with late campaign surges as the voting population tunes in and compares the candidates.

As Semprini notes:

It’s not an ideological shift in the Republican Party, as much as it is a transition away from believing that newcomers have to “wait their turn,” and that seniority and incumbency have more value than new ideas.

…It is neither safe nor prudent to elect a candidate simply because it’s his turn. Real leadership doesn’t wait. Real leaders, like Kevin Smith, make it their turn, focus on the needs of citizens, develop a viable plan to address the issues and, through conviction, implement it. Kevin is the type of leader who will get results by clearing the way for more jobs for our children and a healthier economic environment for all.

Semprini further noted that New Hampshire is not a stranger to this trend, having already elected leaders like John E. Sununu, Kelly Ayotte and Frank Guinta – all young, fresh faces at the time of their first races.

If we are going to reinvigorate our citizens while introducing real solutions to problems in Concord, we need to choose ideas over platitudes. To re-establish New Hampshire as the envy of the nation, we need to elect a Republican candidate for governor who has the energy and zeal to shake things up.

Semprini also contrasted the solutions that Kevin Smith has promoted against the empty rhetoric of his opponents:

Kevin’s plan —“New Hampshire’s Future Is Now” — is a comprehensive approach to changing the way government serves its citizens. It outlines ways to better educate our children and adapt our regulatory system to the dynamic changes in the private sector, while making our state the best place to initiate and grow new businesses. Generic statements about freedom — with no specifics on how to ensure those rights — are simply not enough. We hear the basics about an education funding amendment and a “no broad-based taxes pledge” without discussion about what comes next. Platitudes about the New Hampshire Advantage are plentiful, but nothing is said about how to preserve and strengthen it. We hear that change is needed, but we don’t hear what those changes should be or how they will be implemented.

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