4RG - Democrat Maggie Hassan Should Learn A Lesson in Honesty From Her Primary Rival


CONCORD, N.H.—Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Maggie Hassan can learn a lot from her primary opponent Jackie Cilley, who is not afraid of being honest with voters about her intent to raise taxes—and lots of them—with the release of her “pledge zombies” ad, according to 4RG Chairman Andrew Hemingway.

In the ad, which features “zombies” wandering the streets holding the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers Pledge, Cilley says, “Our next Governor needs to be independent, not blindly beholden to the no-tax pledge.” She then names three areas where she thinks a broad-based tax is necessary to help fund her government-expansion projects.

“While I completely disagree with Jackie Cilley’s ideas, I do have to give her credit for being honest with voters about her intent to pursue a sales or income tax to fund her big government agenda,” Hemingway said. “Maggie Hassan, on the other hand, has run her campaign based on hypocrisy and lies. She has a lot to learn from her primary opponent’s honesty. Maggie needs to come clean and tell voters exactly how much her ‘utopian’ agenda is going to cost and what taxes she plans to raise.”


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