ALG's Daily Grind - Obama's ugly campaign

Aug. 20, 2012

Obama's ugly campaign

The Obama attack on Romney makes one wonder if Mitt would have been better off stiffing the charities and paying an extra $1.4 million in taxes bringing his total tax percentage to 22 percent of his income. 

Video: Another GM Bankruptcy On Its Way? Does This Mean Another Bailout?

They call it Government Motors and yes, it is in trouble again.

Delaware opens Pandora's Box with BloomEnergy black box

In November 2011, BloomEnergy applied for permits to build an energy center in a Delaware protected coastal zone area using solid oxide fuel cells powered by natural gas. These heavyweight "venture" capitalists have superb political connections as they sought rubberstamp approvals for special tax treatment, electricity rates and environmental permits, for a supposedly "green" technology.