AUFC - Team Romney-Ryan: Buses from Boston OK, Voters from NH Excluded

Republican Presidential campaign sends midnight email cancelling tickets previously issued to New Hampshire voters

GOFFSTOWN, NH – The Republican Presidential campaign issued tickets online to New Hampshire voters, then sent an email late last night cancelling tickets for New Hampshire voters less than 12 hours before the event began. The following is a copy of an email received by one local voter around 11:00 pm last night:


From: "Eventbrite" <>
Date: August 19, 2012 11:14:59 PM EDT
To: [email]
Subject: Order CANCELED for Victory Town Hall with Mitt Romney Paul Ryan and the GOP Team


Hello [NAME],

The following order has been canceled through :

Order Canceled

Event Name: Victory Town Hall with Mitt Romney,<br />Paul Ryan and the GOP Team
Order Number: 102225384
Amount: $0.00

If you have any questions about this order cancellation or the event, please contact the event host: Organizer

Thank you for using Eventbrite!

The Eventbrite Team


Keep in touch!





So far, only registered Democrats have reported being excluded from the event. A well known Occupy NH member – and registered undeclared voter – gained entry without problem.

Some Granite Staters had not seen the campaign email before departing for the event this morning, and were notified of the cancellation only after waiting in line and presenting their printed tickets at the event door around 8:00 a.m. Romney staff promptly escorted blackballed individuals offsite; meanwhile several buses bearing Massachusetts license plates were seen unloading passengers at the event location.

The Romney Ryan campaign had advertised the event as a New Hampshire town hall; a traditional town hall in the state is open to all voters. Not only did the Romney campaign exclude Granite Staters with a late night email cancellation, it also required photo identification at the door.

“I woke up this morning excited to participate in the Romney event, only to find that I had an email from the Romney staff rescinding my ticket,” said Mark King of Nashua. “I am disappointed that I couldn’t participate in the democratic process.”

“Republicans charge that we bring in folks from out of state, but today I saw Massachusetts plate after Massachusetts plate,” said Eva Castillo, a local Manchester volunteer and activist. “They couldn’t fill their rally with local people so they bused them in from out of state.”  

“I got a ticket for myself, my husband and my son,” said Eileen Lee of Goffstown. “I got an email this morning that cancelled my ticket. I was disappointed. I like to hear what both sides have to say. It’s not the election yet, and I would have liked to hear what Paul Ryan had to say. Isn’t this a town meeting forum?”



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Zandra Rice Hawkins
Executive Director
Granite State Progress