While the ‘Wiz’ is ‘A Hard Act to Follow,’ 
Burns Would Bring New Energy to a Long-Established Conservative Seat

BEDFORD, N.H.—With conservative icon Ray Wieczorek ending his decade of service to the people of Executive Council District 4, voters should rest assured that Bob Burns will bring the same conservative values with him to the District 4 seat on the Executive Council along with a new energy devoted to applying these principles to his discussions with other councilors and the decisions he makes.

“I really appreciate the longtime service of ‘The Wiz,’ as Councilor Wieczorek is affectionately known, particularly because of his stalwart support for true conservative values,” Burns said. “Just like Ray Wieczorek, voters can depend on me to devote my time and energy to advancing conservatism within the executive branch of government. And incidentally, yes, that means I would support the Executive Council’s recent decision to defund Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.” 

Burns, who last week released his six-point pledge to help restore a liberty mindset in state government, is notably the only executive councilor candidate so far to sign Cornerstone Action’s Families First Pledge. By signing the pledge, Burns is saying he supports “the right of conscience for all citizens,” protections for “innocent human life from conception to natural death,” “the natural family and traditional marriage,” “the natural rights of parents ... to educate, raise and care for their own children,” and “free market economic policies that empower N.H. families to achieve their highest potential.”

“Many candidates refer to themselves as conservative, but they don’t have the courage to announce their positions on issues important to conservatives and they end up voting against these values once they make it into office,” Burns said. 

“Voters should know that I am conservative, but more importantly, they should know what that means,” Burns said. “I am pro-life, pro family, pro-gun, a supporter of religious liberty and in opposition to federal dollars that contradict these values or result in future unfunded liabilities for the state. I believe in merit-based pay for public employee pay increases, and I look favorably upon executive appointees who believe the same. I believe the family courts should aspire to keep children with their parents, even when those parents have made mistakes, because children are almost always better off with their own parents. I would only support judicial appointees who agree with me on these issues.”

When it comes to fiscal conservatism, Burns noted that he would work to reject federal contracts that fund projects for a limited amount of time and then bind state funds to keep the program alive.

“These types of contracts that bait states with all kinds of federal money to launch a project but then force states to gradually contribute more state taxpayer dollars to the endeavor are the very reason New Hampshire has such a bloated state budget today,” Burns said. “The more of these contracts we reject, the more money the Legislature will be able to devote to tax and fee cuts that will help people launch or expand their businesses in New Hampshire. This type of fiscal conservatism is the only way government can help stimulate job creation and economic growth.”

Burns also said he would reject funding for yet another commuter rail study. Multiple train studies have already spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, and yet they have not answered the question about whether taxpayers should subsidize a private operation that has no chance of becoming profitable, he said.

“I have no doubt that a commuter rail would bring some economic gains to Nashua, Manchester and the airport, but I don’t think the taxpayers of New Hampshire will see the benefits as a whole, and they shouldn’t be forced to fund this losing proposition,” Burns said. “With their for-profit business bringing coal to the Bow Power Station and aggregate from northern New Hampshire to Boston Sand and Gravel, Pan American Railways stands to benefit the most from a track update. These private companies should come up with the money to upgrade their own tracks. They shouldn’t be asking New Hampshire taxpayers to subsidize their business model.”


About Bob Burns
Bob Burns, a candidate for the District 4 Executive Councilor seat, has been a New Hampshire citizen all his life. Born in Nashua and raised in Bedford, he is a local business owner and Bedford resident. He is the current Hillsborough County Treasurer, a seat he won after beating incumbent Chris Pappas in 2010. Bob formerly held the position of Selectman in the 12th ward of Manchester. He is also the Treasurer of the Bedford Republican Committee. Paid for by Burns for NH. Bob Burns for Executive Council.