Hillsborough County Sheriff Candidate Will Protect Citizens’ Natural Rights to Life, Liberty and Property 

GOFFSTOWN, N.H.—As a successful businessman with executive-level skills and a knowledgeable citizen who cherishes the system of checks and balances set up by our nation’s founders, Hillsborough County Sheriff candidate Frank Szabo is well positioned to revitalize the importance of the constitutional sheriff role in New Hampshire’s most populous county.
“A county sheriff is not doing his duty if he simply transports prisoners, guards the courthouses or helps other law enforcement agencies with their arrest warrants—this is very basic level work that should be done at a minimum,” Szabo said. “Unfortunately, most elected sheriffs ignore their most important duty, which is to serve their constituents by protecting their natural rights, including their rights to life, liberty and property. As sheriff, my first duty will be to the citizens of Hillsborough County and to defend the state and federal constitutions from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”
Szabo, who decidedly does not have law enforcement experience, considers his business-executive background an advantage over his primary- and general-election opponents. In New Hampshire, the Legislature designed the qualifications for county sheriff—that he be a registered voter 18 years or older—specifically so any citizen could get elected who understands the law and the constitution enough to gain the confidence of voters.
“Currently in the law enforcement community, there is a general spirit of cooperation among officers at different levels of government, whether local, county, state or federal, and officers are generally conditioned not to question supposed higher-level authorities,” Szabo said. “This status quo understanding is dangerously incorrect and responsible for many of the more troubling abuses of authority in our country today, and it is the reason why a county sheriff is at a disadvantage with a law enforcement background. As sheriff, I will work within Hillsborough County to uphold the supreme law of the landthe state and federal constitutionsregardless of what any other law enforcement agent says to the contrary.”
According to Justice Antonin Scalia in the majority opinion he wrote for Printz, Mack v. United States (1997), “States are not subject to federal direction.” Quoting James Madison, Scalia added: “The local or municipal authorities form distinct and independent portions of the Supremacy, no more subject within their respective spheres, to the general authority than the general authority is subject to them, within its own sphere.” In other words, the county sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer in his county, and it is his job to enforce the supreme law of the land, even when that contradicts the legal opinions of local, state or federal agents, Szabo said.
Unfortunately, in today’s ever-growing police state, there are too many instances of legal abuse to list them all, but here are some clear examples: In April, Michigan authorities used SWAT teams, guns drawn, to order farmers to kill the heritage pigs their family farms had raised for generations by classifying them as an “invasive species.” This effectively ended their family businesses. In July, an Oregon man was sentenced to 30 days in prison and fined $1,500 for collecting rain water on his own property.
“Neither of these property-rights abuses had to happen; the county sheriffs should not have allowed it,” Szabo said. “The first thing I will do as sheriff is notify federal agencies that they will not come into the county unless they go through the office of the sheriff.
“While some level of civility is necessary to get along in society, a sheriff should be directly opposing the work of federal, state and local regulators and law enforcement agents when they are violating the constitution like this,” Szabo added. “I have no other political aspirations and I owe no political favors. As such, I will use the office of Hillsborough County Sheriff to protect citizens’ rights from any unlawful act perpetrated under the color of law by rogue local, state or federal agents.”
About Frank Szabo
Frank Szabo, who lives in Goffstown with his wife Madeline and family, is running for Hillsborough County Sheriff to protect citizens’ rights and property as a constitutional peace officer within the county. The longtime businessman has owned and operated a successful limousine service and obtained a high-level of expertise in financial management and health care administration. Besides his practical life experiences and real-world common sense, Frank will bring to the sheriff’s office his knowledge of court room legal proceedings, how to read and interpret laws, and his well-earned executive-level skills, including analysis and problem solving, financial management and business administration, personnel recruitment and training, and public speaking. Paid for by Citizens With Szabo. Frank Szabo, Fiscal Agent. For more information, visit