Hassan asks if Romney, Ryan and Lamontagne will be clear with NH voters on Medicare

MANCHESTER – Democratic candidate for Governor Maggie Hassan asked Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ovide Lamontagne to be clear with New Hampshire’s seniors about their shared plan to drastically dismantle Medicare while campaigning in the state today.

“Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Ovide Lamontange are committed to drastically dismantling Medicare and putting the Bill O’Brien Tea Party legislature in charge of administering a program which is critically important to New Hampshire’s seniors,” said Hassan.  “As Governor, I will protect Medicare and always fight for New Hampshire’s seniors.”

“We all agree that health care costs too much, but the question facing voters in this election is whether we should work within the existing Medicare system to reduce costs or whether we should accept the Romney, Ryan, and Lamontagne plan, which places the heavy burden of those costs on seniors and tells them if they don’t like it they can call the insurance company and try to get a better deal themselves,” said Hassan.

“In Ryan, Romney and Lamontagne found a man who shares their hostility towards this critical program and the necessary health care services it provides for thousands of New Hampshire seniors,” said Hassan. “Over the past two years, Lamontagne has consistently supported the reckless agenda of the Bill O’Brien Tea Party legislature as they attempted to takeover the administration of Medicare. It’s hard to believe that Lamontagne actually thinks the same radical Tea Party legislature that cut health care for people with disabilities, children and seniors in nursing homes should be given control over Medicare .”

“Romney, Ryan and Lamontagne should be clear and tell our seniors and every citizen who is concerned about health care that they plan to dismantle the basic programs upon which tens of thousands of New Hampshire citizens depend,” said Hassan. “As governor, I will stand up to anyone who tries to restrict access to health care for New Hampshire citizens.

Ovide Lamontagne’s Record on Medicare

Lamontagne backs block granting Medicare.  In a Union Leader op-ed outlining his priorities if elected Governor, Lamontagne wrote that “I will also seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare to deregulate health care, while working for free-market reforms to bring competition to our health care delivery system and insurance markets and ensure high-quality, lower-cost care and coverage for all.”  [Union Leader, 2/10/12]

Lamontagne supports block granting Medicare.  In an interview with Congressional Quarterly, Lamontagne said “I want the federal government to block grant Medicare and Medicaid.”  [CQ Interview, 1/9/12]

Lamontagne Supported Ryan Plan, Pledged to Work With Him in Washington.  At a New Hampshire Farm Bureau event in August 2010, the following exchange occurred:

“Questioner: Which of the present US Congressman, whether it be in the Senate or the House do you most admire in the way they have conducted themselves?

Lamontagne: … Paul Ryan in the Congress. What an amazingly bright man who’s talking about what Republicans stand for. We’re not just a party of no. Or if you’re going to sue our state of Arizona we’re the party of hell no.  We’re a party of being proactive and Paul Ryan has got a great plan. It’s called ‘road map for America’. It’s on his website, you should check it out. It’s got entitlement reforms, strategies for balancing our federal budget. I’m gonna work with Paul Ryan, I’m gonna work with Jim DeMint, the new leadership of this party.”

[New Hampshire Farm Bureau Picnic, 8/11/10]