NHDP - Senate Candidates Greazzo, Sanborn and Krasucki Should Publicly Reject Republican Liberty Caucus's Endorsement in Wake of Its Support for Szabo

CONCORD - Republican state senate candidates Phil Greazzo, Andy Sanborn and Joseph Krasucki should publicly reject the endorsement and support of the Republican Liberty Caucus, which today announced that it will work on behalf of sheriff candidate Frank Szabo, who has promised to arrest doctors who provide legal abortions.


"Phil Greazzo, Andy Sanborn and Joe Krasuki should publicly reject the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus and denounce its support for the dangerous and extreme campaign of Frank Szabo," said Raymond Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


Greazzo, Sanborn and Krasucki have all been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus, which has now endorsed Szabo for Sheriff.


Szabo has said he will arrest doctors who perform legal abortions, and even arrest the County Attorney if he or she refuses to prosecute. http://girardatlarge.com/members/oh-my-blog/1210-szabo-murder-is-always?showall=1


"Greazzo, Sanborn and Krasucki are running to be leaders in Hillsborough County. Well it is now time for them to show leadership and stand up for the rights of all citizens," Buckley said. "The Republican Liberty Caucus is preaching that elected officials can ignore existing laws and make up their own laws. Greazzo, Sanborn and Krasucki should reject its endorsement and its extreme agenda."