Jackie Cilley Announces "Kitchen Cabinet"

Granite State Leaders Advise Campaign

Barrington, NH – Today, Gubernatorial Candidate Jackie Cilley announced the New Hampshire leaders who form her "Kitchen Cabinet." Individually, each has contributed distinguished service to the state of New Hampshire. Together, the team offers a wealth of Granite State knowledge and experience to Cilley's campaign for governor.

Cilley's "Kitchen Cabinet" meets regularly to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the Granite State and to advise Cilley's campaign.

Announcing her advisory team, Cilley said, “I’m proud and honored to have the support of so many of our state's most experienced and talented leaders. Each of them has contributed to New Hampshire's progress in very significant ways, and together they provide me the breadth and depth of perspectives and advice I need to win this election and start moving our state forward again."

In alphabetical order, the Cabinet includes:

Clifton Below of Lebanon served as a commissioner of the NH Public Utilities Commission, 2005-2011, state senator 1998-2004 and state representative 1992-1998. He is widely admired for his vast and detailed knowledge in many areas of public policy and his ability both to craft practical solutions to complicated problems and to explain those solutions in terms everyday people can understand.

Martin Gross is now Senior Counsel to Sulloway and Hollis, the Concord law firm he joined in 1965. He served as mayor of Concord for three terms and served three New Hampshire governors in various capacities. Through his long and distinguished record of community and public service, including as architect of many pieces of landmark legislation for the state, he is known for his vast knowledge of litigation and drafting legislation.

Gary Hirshberg is one of New Hampshire's most successful and influential business leaders, renowned for building Stonyfield Farms from a seven-cow organic farming school into a major employer that supports family farms and protects the environment, with $360 million in annual sales. He is the author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World, about how Stonyfield and companies such as Zipcar, Whole Foods, and Timberland succeed by pursuing both sustainability and profitability.

Harry Judd (chair) is a longtime selectman in Bow and president of Accion Group, a Concord firm that advises state governments and utility companies nationwide on the use of renewable resources. Harry is a former State Consumer Advocate and Senior Assistant Attorney General.

Phil McLaughlin, Attorney General of New Hampshire, 1997-2002, practices law in Laconia. Born and raised in Nashua, the son and grandson of police officers, he has served in the U.S. Navy, the Laconia, NH city council and school board, and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation board of directors, among many other distinguished positions. In recognition of his willingness to say what needs to be said, even when unpopular, in 2003 he was the recipient of the very first Loeb First Amendment Award.

David Moore, Ph.D., is an expert on public opinion and survey methodology. As a political science professor, he founded the University of New Hampshire's Survey Center. Formerly a senior editor of the Gallup Poll, he is now a senior fellow at UNH's Carsey Institute.

Katie Delahaye Paine is the founder and CEO of KDPaine & Partners LLC, a research consultancy based in Berlin, NH that provides measurement and accountability for corporations, non-profits and government agencies world wide. With a merger just last month, Katie will become Chief Marketing Officer of News Group International while remaining chairman of her firm. A pioneer and international expert in her field, she is the author of Measure What Matters (2011) and Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: How to Use Data to Change the World (September 2012).

Mary Beth Walz represented Bow and Dunbarton in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, 2004-2010. A respected voice in Democratic politics in the state, Mary Beth is currently running to reclaim her seat from Liberty Alliance member JR Hoell, who sponsored bills to erode public education and increase weapons use in New Hampshire.

Rob Werner, national field director of Americans for Campaign Reform, is serving his third term on the Concord City Council, for which he chairs the Concord Energy and Environment Committee. A longtime Democratic Party activist, his expertise includes health policy, public health and campaign finance reform.


ABOUT JACKIE: Jackie Cilley is proud to have earned the support of nearly 17,000 union households across New Hampshire for her campaign for governor. Jackie, who served in both New Hampshire's House and Senate representing Barrington, built a successful business and taught more than 2500 New Hampshire students over her 20 years as a highly respected business professor with UNH's Whittemore School for Business and Economics. A Berlin native, Sen. Cilley earned a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and an MBA from the Whittemore School.  Jackie and her husband Bruce have lived in Barrington for more than 20 years.  They have five sons, 12 grandchildren, and two dogs.