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Aug. 22, 2012

Anstalt's shadow still looms

Did the gold standard cause the bank failures that touched off the Great Depression, or excessive credit and bad loans?

Video: Obama Blames, Others Have Chosen Not To Point The Finger When Things Went Wrong

It seems the secret to success is not to blame. Maybe that's because, as they say, when you are pointing at someone are pointing three fingers back at yourself!

Real energy for a new American renaissance

The next president needs to understand that achieving economic recovery requires unleashing American ingenuity, reducing excessive regulatory strangleholds on businesses and working capital, and allowing safe, proven technologies to tap and utilize our vast onshore and offshore deposits of oil, natural gas and other energy riches.

Samuelson: Why Ryan might be right about Medicare

Overlooked in the furor surrounding Paul Ryan's Medicare proposal — a plan, it should be recalled, that wouldn't start until 2023 and even then would affect only new beneficiaries — is a just-published study in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggesting that, well, Ryan might be right.